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Occudigm Health, Inc was established to provide corporate medical direction and health program management expertise to companies of all sizes, locations, and industries. We provide a multitude of clinical services, including independent expert evaluations and hair testing programs for workplace detection of illicit substance abuse.

We are called Occudigm Health because we transcend the traditional industrial medicine model of the 80's and 90's, as we focus on how to use "Health" as a competitive strategy for advancing the agenda of every company we work with. In essence, we are a new paradigm in occupational health management.

Our professional team offers each client many years of experience obtained from successful medical management careers in industry, including associated membership in professional organizations, industry best practice benchmarking associations, and many lessons learned through real world challenges. We provide timely pragmatic response to your corporate health management needs. In addition, we stand ready to assist your business identify and exploit the under-recognized opportunities in managing corporate health programs and initiatives.
A New Paradigm in Workplace Health Services