Our mission is to provide all employers access to corporate health management expertise by sharing our experience and learning in reducing the cost of employment, turning opportunities in health management into a vehicle for improving the competitive position of your company.

In the new global market economy, many US companies are finding the costs associated with employment, most visibly health care benefit costs, a major barrier for efficient competition. Although most companies are particularly concerned with the high employment costs directly associated with health care premiums, they might be overlooking the much greater costs associated with poor health, namely absenteeism, reduced productivity, increased turn-over, and higher injury and illness rates. Leading experts agree that these other related costs are at least 4 times greater than health care spending.

Cooperating closely with senior management, human resources, operations, and employees, we can help achieve the goals of traditional industrial medicine in ensuring compliance, and build a new paradigm in health management through forward thinking policy and practice, the cornerstone to building a more competitive business.
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Our Mission

Enabling All Business Access to Occupational Health Management Expertise...

...Maximizing Health to Create a Competitive Advantage
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