Medical Review Officer and Substance Testing

Occudigm offers the following support for organization substance abuse testing programs. 

  • MRO Services
  • Policy Development
  • Consortium test pricing for smaller and medium sized organizations
  • Partnership with TPA vendors for integrated program management
  • Hair and Urine drug screen distributor

Establishing and adopting policies and practices using state-of-the-art methodologies will help establish and maintain a drug free workplace, forcing substance abusers to apply or work elsewhere. To help you achieve success in creating a drug free workplace, we offer support in all areas of the substance abuse programs.

Employment costs are significantly impacted by substance abuse in the workplace. Substance users have been shown to have higher accident rates, higher turnover, higher rates of internal theft, more absenteeism, and are higher utilizers of company sponsored health plans. More importantly, they present a preventable increased risk to co-workers for injury or violence.